“The writing is spot-on, the characters are beautifully rendered … A fine mystery novel and a series that should be on nightstands of all Nevada Barr fans.”

– ALA Booklist



“Dave Butler brings to life the most compelling and complicated protagonist that Canadian crime fiction has seen in a long time. Jenny Willson is one tough cookie whose hard-edged nature and sharp mind make her the perfect candidate to solve this very out-of-the ordinary mystery. With a realistic time-line, multiple murders, and intricate attention to detail, Butler keeps his readers guessing from beginning to end. Truly Canadian in every essence, the scenery practically leaps off the page, making it both a love letter to the Canadian wilderness and a compelling and fast-paced mystery.”

– Judge’s Citation: Arthur Ellis Award Winner – Best First Crime Novel in Canada (2018)


“Meticulously researched and beautifully rendered, FULL CURL is a gripping tale of greed and excess, infused with Dave Butler’s love of the Canadian Rockies and rich with the intimate, detailed knowledge of an insider. I’m an instant fan of the butt-kicking Jenny Willson, and I dearly hope FULL CURL is only the first of her many adventures. I’d follow Jenny Willson anywhere.”

– Angie Abdou, author of “Anything Boys Can Do”, “The Bone Cage”, “The Canterbury Trail”, and “Between.”


“The author tells a moving and suspenseful story that should please all mystery readers, but especially those for whom the subject of poaching and illegal hunting is a special interest. This is the first in a proposed new series, and if this one’s any indication, it could be a series readers will follow for a long time.”

— David Pitt in the Book List


“Butler’s strong debut shows a powerful heroine determined to bring a nasty but fully fleshed-out set of baddies to justice.”

— Kirkus Reviews


Park Warden Jenny Willson is a modern heroine — tough, smart, irreverent and tenacious — and she needs to be in a dangerous battle against unscrupulous poachers, drug dealers and a bureaucracy threatening to derail her investigation. Full Curl is a fascinating foray into the isolated world of park wardens and the lengths needed to protect wildlife from trophy hunters in our sweeping national parks. Butler breathes life and beauty into the western landscape, making this the perfect setting for a spiraling tale of subterfuge and murder in Canada’s remote wilderness.”

-Brenda Chapman, author of the Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery Series


“An intricate, full-throttle thriller told with passion and authenticity. Park Ranger Jenny Willson is a smart, tenacious hero for our times.”

– Barbara Fradkin, author of The Amanda Doucette Mysteries


“I’ve never read a book like this but what a read! I love all things Canadian, national parks and about animals in the wild so this hit all the spots and more for me. The author’s worked in the field and he knows his stuff – and boy does it show. I’ve spent only a short time in several national parks (mostly in Banff which I loved) and so this novel really spoke to me and revived some very happy memories. This was a great mystery novel and a unique take on the subject – it starts with animal poaching but turns into so much more. Not the novel I thought I was reading – very surprising and in a very good way! A great Canadian set read and captures the essence of more of the national park landscapes and is a cracking good mystery into the bargain! The author based this on an experience he had in the parks which really ramps up the interest and the tension. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

– Susan at “The Book Trailer”


“I loved this book! Any plot that centers around wild animals and the less than noble people who would illegally profit from their deaths is always of interest to me, and this was no exception. Expertly written with well-drawn characters, plenty of action, and intelligent dialog, this is a story that will pull at every heart-string you have… a definite roller coaster ride. You should add this to your “summer read” list. Recommended.”

– Cindy McBride at NetGalley


“Probably the most Canadian mystery book out there. Don’t mess with our national parks and animals, or else. Jenny Wilson is so kick-ass, I love her. And her taste in coffee? Bless.

All of the characters are well written, and I absolutely love the different perspectives in the chapters. Some of you know by now that that’s my favourite type of book! I don’t know if these kinds of crimes happen a lot, but the creative ways that Dave shows how animal parts are smuggled across the border…I can’t help but think that he’s seen one too many cases that ended like this.

The plot, the writing style, and the characters really sold me on this book. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mystery. Usually, I’m not a fan of knowing who the killer is – I like to try and (successfully) solve it myself. But I loved it for this book, and it worked well.

In short, my favourite mystery novel of the year so far. Everything else I read after this, I’m definitely going to be comparing to Full Curl.”

– Maria Zuppardi at ReadingMaria